Draft CSS Policy for Agency Review

The Draft MOA Strategy for Developing Context Sensitive Transportation Projects is currently undergoing agency review and comment. You may view the draft update here:

Draft MOA PME Context Sensitive Solutions Policy Update, February 2017

Please review the Draft CSS Policy Update and provide us with your comments by emailing Van Le, AICP at vle@rmconsult.com or by contacting another member of the project team.

Welcome to the MOA CSS Policy Update

The Municipality of Anchorage is updating the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) policy to develop transportation projects and the CSS guiding document, A Strategy for Developing Context Sensitive Transportation Projects.  The CSS strategy is applied to all transportation projects initiated for study, design and construction. After the Anchorage Assembly adopted the original policy and guide in 2008, CSS has been implemented to develop more context appropriate transportation projects that improve the facility while preserving and enhancing community and environmental quality and resources.

Projects developed using a context sensitive approach are completed through a process rooted in the cooperation of stakeholders, decision makers, and designers. The process is grounded in the affected community’s values and is guided by the objectives, policies and strategies identified in the planning documents, functional plans, and area-specific plans.

This update is reevaluating the CSS approval process, clarifying the roles and responsibilities of project stakeholders, and providing recommendations for completing a successful CSS transportation project.

The Draft MOA PME CSS Policy Update, February 2017 is available for your review here and on the Documents page.